Selling your property? Could we talk?

All of my listings have been sold. One or two new listings would be nice.  Why would you list with me rather than one of the bigger offices?

Consider: Your property will get as much exposure to prospective buyers with me as with other brokers.  It will be listed in our local area Multiple Listing Service. It will be picked up by several national real estate search sites like and Zillow. It will be found on numerous other search sites as well.

Here’s the big difference.  I work alone with no office staff and no agents. I don’t have routine office expenses,  nor do I have to split my commissions with agents. How does that help you?

With my low operating costs I don’t need to keep the entire commission in some cases. Let’s say we’re in a listing agreement that will pay a 6% commission. If the buyer comes through me directly, not through another company, I’ll gladly take a 4% commission.

You save 2% on your commission obligation, but I make 1% more than I would make if the buyer came through a second company and the commission was split 50-50.

No other real estate broker makes you this offer because no other broker can afford to work for 4%. I gladly do so. You’ll get the same full service as you would for a 6% commission payment.

If you’re thinking of putting your property on the market in 2017, let’s talk about a marketing plan tailored for your property. Call me at 229-924-3089 or email me at

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