Doing things differently

This Is Real Estate Today. That’s my business slogan. What does it mean?

It begins with you. If you really and truly want to sell your house and it is 1) priced right and 2) move-in ready, I would love to help you find a buyer.

You may get faster results by listing the property, but I (and only I locally) advertise unlisted property for sale on my websites. Your listed property will go in the AmericusArea MLS and It will be picked up by Zillow and numerous other real estate search sites on the Internet. Anyone, anywhere, looking for your type of property in this part of Georgia will see your property.

An interested buyer may contact me directly or any licensed real estate agent. The agent will then contact me. We’ll make an appointment to show your property, and we’ll encourage the buyer to buy it. Why? Because it is 1) priced right and 2) move-in ready.

Let’s take this a step further. Let’s say the buyer comes directly through me, and there’s no commission split with another agent. In that case the commission will be 4% instead of the typical 6%. I don’t keep the whole commission if I don’t have to split it.

However, if there is another agent involved, and a commission split, we’ll do a 60-40 split. I’ll keep 40% of the commission and give the other agent 60%. That may be an incentive for agents to show your property. This is exclusive with Michael Dixon Realty.

Please remember: You don’t pay me a penny until you decide to sell your real estate to a buyer. Only when you get paid do I get paid.

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