Advertising your unlisted property for sale

Another thing that’s different about Michael Dixon, broker is that I offer to advertise your unlisted real estate for sale, free of charge, with no obligation, on my Internet websites. Am I nuts? No, your unlisted home, land or commercial building adds interest to my websites and, we hope, increases the number of views.

Right up front I should say that I want nice looking, well-kept, reasonably priced properties for my website. And so, there’s no promise that I would accept any and all properties for advertising. That said, if you have a nice home or other type of real estate to sell, and aren’t going to list it with a Realtor, talk to me about it.

Who knows. Your buyer just may discover your property on my websites. Your phone number will be listed so that the buyer may talk to you directly. Call me if you want to know more. 229-924-3089.

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