A different approach

I understand when someone asks me, “Are you still in the real estate business?”

Well, yes I am, but with a difference. I no longer do 6% listings. I’ll do a 4% listing, but that’s as high as I’ll go. And if the seller wants to do less than a full service listing we can agree on a lower commission, depending on what the seller wants me to do.

How is this? For starters I work as an independent broker, not beholden to a multiple listing service or a national or state Realtor association. I work out of my home with minimal operating costs. I have no agents with whom I have to split commissions.

I advertise and promote listings as always, but without the obligation to share commissions with other brokers and their agents. However, if another agent procures the buyer for a listing I’ll gladly cooperate with them.

There’s more, but nobody reads long posts. If you want to talk to a real estate agent about buying or selling, call me at 229-924-3089 or email me at dixo1113@bellsouth.net. Or reply to this post. Thank you.