1880s Beauty in Ellaville, Ga.

Do you love an old house with 19th century charm? In a small, friendly town in southwestern Georgia? You have found it.

This 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home has 3,482 square feet of heated and cooled area. It sits on 1.2 acres on a lovely street with other vintage homes.

Ellaville offers you a blend of small town hospitality and city conveniences. People can walk from their houses and shop for all their daily needs for food, gifts, hardware, clothing, and do their banking. It’s a place where local business owners still greet you by name and family, faith and community involvement is not a thing of the past. Population in 2010 was approximately 1,800.

Offered at $165,000.

A different approach

I understand when someone asks me, “Are you still in the real estate business?”

Well, yes I am, but with a difference. I no longer do 6% listings. I’ll do a 4% listing, but that’s as high as I’ll go. And if the seller wants to do less than a full service listing we can agree on a lower commission, depending on what the seller wants me to do.

How is this? For starters I work as an independent broker, not beholden to a multiple listing service or a national or state Realtor association. I work out of my home with minimal operating costs. I have no agents with whom I have to split commissions.

I advertise and promote listings as always, but without the obligation to share commissions with other brokers and their agents. However, if another agent procures the buyer for a listing I’ll gladly cooperate with them.

There’s more, but nobody reads long posts. If you want to talk to a real estate agent about buying or selling, call me at 229-924-3089 or email me at dixo1113@bellsouth.net. Or reply to this post. Thank you.

All sellers are FSBO sellers.

Every seller of real estate is a FSBO seller.

Many sellers don’t want to list their property, usually at a 6% sales commission, so they offer the property for sale by themselves.

Sometimes that works, but often they turn it over to a professional and agree to pay a commission when the property sells. They are still FSBO sellers.

The professional markets the property, but the owner sells it. If the owner doesn’t sell it, the professional is paid nothing.

As a real estate professional for the past 22+ years in Americus and adjacent counties, if I were going to sell my house I would follow certain guidelines.

Call me at 229-924-3089 if you’d like to chat about it, or email me at dixo1113@bellsouth.net.

Buyer, let me be your agent.

Most buyers call the property listing agent or the name on the sign in the yard. Think about it. That agent is working for the seller, representing the seller’s interest, not yours.  

If you’re buying and want your own agent, call me: 229-924-3089. My service is free to you, the buyer. The seller pays the agents’ commission.